Are you now ready to STOP struggling and START Living your IDEAL LIFE as a successful speaker, author and coach?

“Imagine inspiring thousands of people throughout the world... with your books, speeches, and webinars.”

It’s Possible!

From Marlon Smith

Charlotte, NC, USA

Thurday, 8:30 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re frustrated because you know you have a message to share. But you just don’t know where to start or how to reach more audiences with your message.
  • You see other people speaking and living your IDEAL LIFE and asking yourself, “Why aren’t I doing that?… What’s my problem?”
  • You wish you could create “raving fans” who love you and your message through your online programs and social media but you don’t know where to start. Others are doing it so why not you?
  • You’ve put EVERYTHING into your book and you know its value but yet, you’ve got hundreds (if not thousands) of books just sitting collecting dust.
  • You’re disappointed that you haven’t made a BIG difference in the world (as you know you could) because, despite your best efforts, you’re still “playing small.” What do you need to do next?
  • You’re sick and tired of people telling you you’re the “best-kept” secret. When you first heard it, you were flattered. Now you’re just plain irritated. Worse, you’re STILL the best-kept secret despite all your efforts to change that.

I’ve got GREAT news for you – you are in the right place at the right time!

Marlon Banner

My name is Marlon Smith and I’m committed to helping MORE individuals be successful speakers, authors and coaches. Why?... Because 24 years ago, I resigned from Hewlett Packard as a systems engineer in Silicon Valley, CA to commit my life to helping others be their absolute best. And now that I have given keynote presentations in 45 states and 17 countries throughout the world, I have real-life strategies to share. As an Amazon #1 Best-selling author, the lead presenter for Tony Robbins' Global Youth Leadership Summit, and a semi-finalist for Oprah's BIG GIVE program, I have developed this SPEAKER-AUTHOR BLUEPRINT so more individuals share their gifts and wisdom with the world.

Quite Simply...

After giving a keynote presentation, so many people approach me during my book signing and ask…

“Wow! That was great. How can I become a professional speaker?”


“I’ve written a book but how do I get it out to more people?”


“I want to make a positive difference but just don’t know where to start… What do you suggest?”


HighlightedText #2

Do you desire to...

  • Receive standing ovations after giving your keynote presentation?
  • Have clients invite you back every year…for 7 years, 12 years, 15 years, and even up to 24 consecutive years?
  • Sell thousands of your books from one check?
  • Inspire people throughout the world from the comfort of your home with online webinars?

12264_511862605526769_679569673_n-1How can I be so confident? Because this is my REALITY…I’ve personally achieved this and more…


  • Contributing to the Tony Robbins' Global Youth Leadership Summit for 16 consecutive years…

  • Being a recognized author in the international best-selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, and

  • Achieving semi-finalist status in Oprah's BIG GIVE program,



Realize this...  Your past does not dictate your future.


This program is 100% for you if…

CheckBoxYes! I want to learn how to be a more effective communicator so I receive standing ovations.


CheckBoxYes! I want my books to impact thousands of people all over the world.


CheckBoxYes! I want to create “Raving Fans” through my video webinars from the comfort of my home.


CheckBoxYes! I want to have long-term clients invite me to return year after year after year.


CheckBoxYes! I want my business to be more profitable every year so I experience greater success.


CheckBoxYes! I want my life to matter where I truly make a positive difference in the world.

You’re about to get my PROVEN system for reaching and inspiring THOUSANDS as a speaker, author and webinar host (from the comfort of your home).

So what makes this system so effective? MarlonandFamilyIt’s REAL. It’s authentic. It’s solution-focused.

With all the challenges happening in today’s world, we need more people to “STEP UP” and offer solutions.

And so I’m talking about YOU.

What is your expertise? What is your calling?

What is your purpose?

What is your mission? What can you do to make our world a better place?

We Need You to "STEP UP"

You’re about to learn my clear PROVEN process for EXACTLY how to grow your successful speaker / author business while enjoying greater profits.

Whether you’re a newbie at this or an experienced professional speaker, you’ll discover strategies and tips designed to help you create greater results in your speaker / author business. If you’ve written books or just have an idea for a book, all you need to do is follow my proven system to see incredible results in YOUR business.

So what's this worth to you?


Just consider the negative consequences of not taking action… and the years continue to pass you by… Just imagine the pain you’ll feel because you didn’t take action.

Now it’s time for you to INVEST in YOU to be Your BEST.

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you experience this system:

Module 1: Discover Your Purpose

Group Of Children Playing In Park Why is it that some thought leaders (speakers, authors and coaches) have successful businesses while others are struggling just barely making it? It’s sad but true… Many people never achieve their true potential because they’re just wasting time by trial and error. Without knowing your purpose and having a system that works, it’s easy to become frustrated. For you and your business, it doesn’t have to be this way. When you are 100% absolutely clear on your purpose, life takes on new meaning. Get EXCITED because Module 1 is a true Game Changer which creates the foundation for your business success.


In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine what really motivates you. (Don’t do this and you can end up being a puppet on strings influenced by others.)
  • Our simple formula for creating your business mission statement that ignites your passion and excitement. Once you have clarity, your life becomes focused and has meaning.
  • Exactly how to identify your most-important values. This is important because let’s face it… it’s easy to think someone (even in your family) is crazy when you have different values.
  • Our system for developing your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Position). This one visual experience will strengthen you and your life purpose. Get ready to connect on a deeper level while having BIG FUN.

All this and more!

Mark Victor Hansen

“Expect to have your greatness awakened…”

Marlon is a modern master motivator. His enthusiastic wisdom and brilliance will open your heart, soul, and mind. Expect to have your greatness awakened, embraced, stirred, enchanted, and captured to go courageously forward to achieve your dreams, goals, and ideal future.

Mark Victor Hansen Co-author of international best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Module 2: Accelerate Your Speaking Success

Seminar Hall

On a scale of “1” to “10” with “1” being terrible and “10” being outstanding, how do you rank your effectiveness as a speaker?

What’s your score?

Better question: What will it take to improve your score?

Through college, speaking was my #1 fear. It had me… sweaty palms, rapid heart beat, nervous stuttering…

And today, I travel the world giving presentations to audiences of thousands of people.

Listen… If I can go from dreading the thought of having to speak in front of a group to NOW receiving standing ovations from audiences all over the world, you can do it too.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Our creative 5-step formula for getting yourself mentally prepared to deliver an outstanding presentation that receives standing ovations time and time again.
  • How to utilize the Mind-Mapping process to craft your signature stories so your authentic self shines through and inspires your audience.
  • Our EXACT strategies for customizing your presentations so members of the audience feel like you are talking directly to them.
  • The #1 thing that will allow you to receive invitations year after year from the same clients (Get ready to have your speaking business explode with greater profits.)

And more!

Sunil & Kristen Sharma

“Truly amazing!”

Marlon has the WOW factor in everything he does. He is intelligent, fun and really committed to making a positive difference in the world. His programs are truly amazing.

Sunil & Kristen Sharma Founder and President, Inspired! Inc.

Module 3: Notice Your IDEAL Audience



Large Group of People CelebratingWhy is it that some speakers get paid THOUSANDS of dollars for a 40-minute keynote while other speakers are sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring?

Why is this?

It’s because successful speakers know who their IDEAL audience is and how to deliver their message so they create “raving fans”.

Many speakers never reach their full potential because they’re just too scattered trying to speak on every topic to every audience.

You now have a choice…

You can continue going through life just as you have


You can go through our step-by-step process for identifying your IDEAL audience and customizing your programs so you become an expert in that specific niche.


In this module, you’ll learn:

  • 5 amazing secrets for identifying your IDEAL Audience so you have greater success as a speaker / author.
  • 2 powerful questions for moving through FEAR so you no longer procrastinate on being your absolute best.
  • Our step-by-step strategy for developing long-term clients who become “Raving Fans” sharing how great you are.
  • The real-life systems for growing your speaker / author business into a highly profitable enterprise so you maximize time.

All this and more!

Les Brown

“Marlon is a man on a mission.”

Marlon is a man on a mission…a mission to help more people make the right choices and obtain their ultimate success.

Les Brown World Renowned Motivational Speaker

Module 4: Connect Through Your Books

Do you have an idea for your next book?Books And E-book

How can you sell thousands of copies?

Who will you partner with to reach MORE people?

Unfortunately, many authors never sell their target number of books because they don’t have a winning system. How many books do you want to sell in the next 12 months? How will you market them? How can you get organizations to purchase thousands of books in advance?


In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Creative ways for ensuring book sales BEFORE you speak. (How will it feel to no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to print your books and “hope” people buy?)
  • Our step-by-step formula for allowing clients to pre-order your books.
  • Specific strategies for designing your books to be in alignment with your presentations / seminars so the audience is motivated to purchase and continue the positive momentum.
  • The power of joint ventures and co-marketing partners so you, your books and company are promoted to more audiences throughout the world. (This one strategy will create amazing profits and freedom for your business.)

And more!

James & Whitney Steiner

“Marlon is Powerful.”

Marlon is amazing. His innovative programs produce results. His real-life solutions are empowering individuals and organizations around the world.

James & Whitney Steiner Founders, Alliance Group International

Module 5:  Empower the World from Your Home

How much time do you spend online surfing the web? Computer global connection

Combining online and mobile devices, it is expected that US adults in 2014 will spend 5 hours 46 minutes with digital media daily.

So what are you doing to increase your online exposure so you expand your audience throughout the world?

Are you blogging consistently?

How are you using video webinars to increase your exposure and reach more people.


In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The answer to our most POPULAR question – How can I utilize social media to reach more people with my message? (The answer ISN’T what you think – prepare to be amazed!)
  • 3 simple secrets for making your online presence count so you reach MORE people throughout the world from the comfort of your home.
  • How to create “Raving Fans” who share how great you are so your online community continues to grow.
  • The #1 factor that will allow you and your message to transform lives. (When there is trust, relationships flourish.)

All this and more!

Tanya Thomas

“… You deserve the Best!”

Get ready to experience more in life as a result of this amazing system that is designed for producing GREATER results. The information and insights shared by Marlon is life-transforming. You owe it to yourself and your precious family to work with the best. Get READY for amazing breakthroughs.

Tanya Thomas Entrepreneur & Life Coach Expert

So now you may be wondering, “Marlon, how EXACTLY are you going to teach me to…”


so that my Speaker / Author Business achieves OUTSTANDING RESULTS?

Valid question!

Here’s Our Answer…

We’ve designed this training system to go much deeper than one of those “in-a-box” info products that gets you all excited and then leaves you alone to struggle in finding your way to achieving success. Sorry, we care too much to do that to you.

We’re going to be here available to you and your business through this process because we know just how important this really is. It’s not ok with us for you to be limited in how many people you reach.


We know everyone is at a different place and time in life.  Some of you are just starting as a speaker, author and coach.  While others are seasoned with some success and yet they know with the right coaching, they will achieve greater results.

And so with this in mind, we've developed 3 options so you may choose the BEST solution which works for you.

Option #1 - BRONZE Package

  • You receive IMMEDIATE access with your private username and password to our password-protected online BLUEPRINT which includes all training materials (i.e. instructional video trainings, audio recordings, worksheets, success stories and more).
  • You receive one (1) VIP Strategy - Coaching Session so you receive even GREATER insights by having your questions answered real-time.  This is powerful because you will be able to model success.

Option #2 - SILVER Package

  • You receive everything in the Bronze Package (above) PLUS the following...
  • You have the opportunity to experience the 5-week where you and just a small group of committed individuals will receive coaching through each of the five modules... This is PRICELESS.

       Training Call Dates

Call 1:  Jan 14, 2017
Call 2:  Jan 21, 2017
Call 3:  Jan 28, 2017
Call 4:  Feb 4, 2017
Call 5:  Feb 11, 2017

  • You will receive a FREE ticket to our 2-day Speaker-Author Blueprint Seminar Training ($1,497 value).  This will be powerful because you receive hands-on and personalized coaching for you to master greater distinctions for your success. Plus you’ll be able to network with other thought leaders (speakers, authors and coaches) throughout the world who are also committed to creating GREATER results.
  • You will receive LIFETIME membership to our by-invitation-only Speaker-Author Blueprint Online Community... Imagine the benefits of being able to network with other like-minded individuals and companies (throughout the world) who are just as passionate about making a positive difference as you... Get Excited because you will receive greater exposure and opportunities through these relationships.

Option #3 - GOLD Package

  • You receive everything in the Silver Package (above) PLUS the following...
  • You participate in a private and exclusive, 3-month VIP Mastermind with Marlon Smith and other Movers & Shakers ($4,997 value)... (Note: This is by invitation-only after an application is received because the amount of time invested by our Success By Choice team of consultants will be tremendous.  And we want to ensure that each participant and this high-end VIP Mastermind is a great fit.


Choose the Investment that is BEST for You…

Choose YOUR Plan:

Downloadable Exercises, Worksheets and Videos

  ($797 value)

Private Strategy –Coaching Session

($297 value)

Participation in our 5-week Training Sessions with Marlon Smith - next class starts on January 14, 2017

($1,997 value)

Live 2-Day Speaker-Author Blueprint seminar event

($1,497 value)

Lifetime access to Speaker-Author Blueprint online community

($997 value)

3-month VIP Mastermind with Marlon Smith and other Movers & Shakers

($4,997 value)


Your Early-Bird Discount Investment:










YOUR TIME IS NOW!... No more Excuses.


To recap, here's what you'll get with Speaker - Author Blueprint

…The Winning 5-step formula for Speakers and Authors to Increase Success, Profits and Impact

  • Private access to all training materials in our results-producing Blueprint System
  • MP3 playbacks for your Success Library
  • Invitation to exclusive forums and discussions
  • All downloadable worksheets, forms and reinforcement tools
  • Networking opportunities to receive real-life solutions from other committed speakers and authors throughout the world

Plus, you’ll receive these FREE bonuses: – Bonus Audios, Templates, and Celebration Activity sheets.

  • These bonus tools will help you stay on track
  • Motivational resources will be yours to keep forever!
  • Learn how to use technology as a personal development tool

Here it is plain and simple. I’m practical. I studied electrical engineering in college and worked for IBM and HP as a systems engineer. I am results-oriented.


So you may be asking, "Which investment option is best for me?"

Here's one way to find the right answer...

Imagine your speaker – author business flourishing to where you are impacting thousands of people throughout the world.

What’s that worth to you?

It’s a bit overwhelming to think about how to balance our personal and business lives. Rather then wasting years of your life by trial and error, here’s an opportunity to learn a system for you to have massive growth and success.

With our hectic schedules, how can we possibly have time to figure out how to grow your business.

There’s no reason to re-create the wheel… Learn the same easy insights that have benefited SO MANY throughout the world.

It’s Time for You to Impact MORE People and Organizations throughout the World.

So given that, it would be ridiculous for me to go into a long rant about the value of what you have access to here.

Review the 3 Investment Options to see the VALUE of each option. We have already discounted the investment for each of the 3 packages so you receive much more VALUE than your investment.

There is limited seating in our SILVER and GOLD programs because we are committed to giving individual attention so reserve your seat NOW.


You’re protected by our SPEAKER-AUTHOR BLUEPRINT System Guarantee

100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you ware not satisfied with the SPEAKER – AUTHOR BLUEPRINT system within the first 7 days and you will receive a FULL refund, no questions asked and no hassle.

We have never had anyone request a refund because we believe in over-delivering exceptional service and value-added content.

We are committed and stand by our 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

BiggerCheckBox Yes Marlon! I’m ready to have a GREATER impact as a SUCCESSFUL Speaker, Author and/or Coach



For my investment, I understand I’m getting:

  • The complete SPEAKER – AUTHOR BLUEPRINT system for my business and mission to experience greater success and impact. This will be covered in the 5 innovative Blueprint training modules.
  • I also get access to our Exclusive Online Support Forum, which includes pre-work for each module, downloadable worksheets, additional video content, and BONUS forums and discussions. (priceless)
  • MP3 playbacks and transcripts for my Success Library
  • Invitation to an exclusive forum for questions and encouragement
  • Opportunities to receive continuous encouragement and insights from other speakers and authors also committed to being their best

I will also receive surprise Special Bonuses.

And I know I’m protected by the 100% SPEAKER – AUTHOR BLUEPRINT Guarantee.

Rest easy — your order will be processed on secure servers.

So are you ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY because it’s NOW time for you to achieve greater results!

To Your Success,

Marlon Smith

Private Jet Cruising At Sunset


P.S. Look, let us be honest here. It doesn’t matter to us if you invest in this program or not. It DOES, however, matter to us that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, choose the BEST package option and start learning from this winning 5-step formula for experiencing GREATER success as a Speaker, Author and/or Coach.

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

Q. How exactly is this Virtual Program going to work?

A. As soon as you register, you’ll receive an email with an easy assignment, so you can get started with this work right away!

We refuse to let this information gather dust on your shelf – We want you to achieve your mission so more people and organizations benefit from your expertise.

Q. WHO is this course best for?

A. This course works especially well for anyone who is committed to achieving GREATER results.

Whether you're a newbie at this or an experienced professional speaker, you'll discover strategies and tips for helping you create greater results in your speaker-author business. If you’ve written books or just have an idea for a book, all you need to do is follow this winning system for amazing results in YOUR business

We’ll show you EXACTLY how to increase your clients, keep your priorities straight, and experience more success and joy then ever before.

One great bonus is that you will not be alone. Through this program, you will also be able to connect with and receive encouragement from other positive speakers and authors throughout the world. There will definitely be tremendous synergy and possibly even some new partnerships.

Q. I’m so tired of false promises. Will this really work?

A. No false promises here. In fact, the only promise we can make you is that the principles and strategies shared in this program have made a positive difference for speakers and authors throughout the world. We realize that each and every business is unique. However, there are some core principles that you and your business will benefit from learning and applying. Success comes from taking ACTION. Get ready because you and your business will definitely grow as a result of implementing these specific strategies. 100% Guarantee!

If you want you and your business to benefit from some proven strategies for experiencing greater success, then NOW is the time to “step up” and make an investment in your future.

Choose YOUR Plan:

Downloadable Exercises, Worksheets and Videos

  ($797 value)

Private Strategy –Coaching Session

($297 value)

Participation in our 5-week Training Sessions with Marlon Smith - next class starts on January 14, 2017

($1,997 value)

Live 2-Day Speaker-Author Blueprint seminar event

($1,497 value)

Lifetime access to Speaker-Author Blueprint online community

($997 value)

3-month VIP Mastermind with Marlon Smith and other Movers & Shakers

($4,997 value)


Your Early-Bird Discount Investment:










About Marlon Smith

Marlon Smith is a man on a mission, making a positive difference in the world through Having facilitated leadership programs in 45 states and 17 countries throughout the world, Marlon is known as: The High-Tech Motivator.

Contributing to the Tony Robbins' Global Youth Leadership Summit for 16 consecutive years, being a recognized author in the international best-selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and achieving semi-finalist status for Oprah's BIG GIVE program, Marlon is blessed.